How To Wear A Suit Casually

Casual style whether at the office or on the weekend is more and more a part of a professional’s life.  Combining a suit with casual elements is a great way to maintain the professional style while achieving that more relaxed casual look.  This is much easier said than done, which is why we’ve created a guide on how to dress down a suit.

No tie:

What goes together better than the proverbial suit and tie?  Not much else you might say, except when the need is casual, you will have to remove that tie.

Alternative Shirt Options:

There are a variety of shirt options to go with your suit jacket:

  • Warm Days:
    • Polo-Shirts — recommended colors are white or grey
    • T-Shirts — for weekend events, a tshirt with a suit jacket is a classic way of signaling both confidence and fun
  • Cold Days:
    • For a colder day consider a sweater or sweathsirt combination with your suit jacket.  Plain subtle colours such as grey or stone are still preferred and look good no matter what.
Different Suit Combos To Transform Into a Casual Look:

Mixing and matching your suits can create an endless stylish combination. A navy jacket such as a structured knit would look great with a pair of beige chinos.

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