How To Take Care Of Your Suit

After investing in a suit, treating your suit properly is very crucial as this will help the suit to remain looking good for years. We’ve created a guide on how to take care of your suit.


The first step to keeping your suit game strong is rotation. Rotating your suit will help to keep the shape of the suit and will allow it to get some time off your body and let it breath for a day or two.

Hang it:

It is crucial you choose the correct hanger, as going for the wrong one will only ruin the shape of the suit. Go for either a wood or a plastic hanger with rounded edges, this will allow the suit to fit and drape nicely. However whatever you do, don’t go for a wire hanger. This will only cause irreparable damage to the shoulders and leave a not so pleasant crease on your trouser legs.

Stuffing your pockets with your daily essentials must stop. You want your suit to look slick and by stuffing your pockets with your wallet, keys etc… this will only ruin the silhouette of your suit.  Over the time this can alter the shape of the suit and stretch out the pocket liner.  Instead consider a leather folio to carry extras in.

Steam Cleaner:
In order to prolong the life of your suit, it is essential you get yourself a steamer. Using a steamer on your suit will help to open up the fibers to prevent unpleasant smells and take out minor stains and marks.  However do not use a dry iron, as this will burn the fibers and would add a sheen to the material.

Dry Cleaning:
Dry cleaning your suit too often will wear out the natural fiber. We would recommend you getting your suit dry cleaned no more than twice a year. But if you have a stain which won’t be able to be removed by spot cleaning or there is an noticeable unpleasant smell, then you have no excuse but to get it dry cleaned.

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