Each mill is steeped in history with the expertise and knowledge to produce the very best quality

The majority of fabrics used in the construction of a European bespoke suit are the finest of British & Italian cloths which we consider to be among the best in the world. These fabrics include Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Caccioppoli, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino and Holland & Sherry.  Each mill is steeped in history with the expertise and knowledge to produce the very best quality cloths.

Our wide collection of fabrics includes materials suitable for all climates, whether the summer heat of Dubai or the cool English winter. We hand pick the materials for our collections with intensive attention paid to style, finish and feel, which makes the final garment both look great and wear comfortably. Take a look at free slot machines to play online


Whether looking for a suit for everyday use or a superfine suit for special occasions, we identify the appropriate fabric choices to optimize longevity and value. We constantly update our fabric selections to keep up with the evolution in style while maintaining our commitment to the classics.

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Birthday Pop Up Card birthday pop up cards

Who doesn’t love a puppy or kitten? Give the animal lover in your life an extra dose of cuteness with this Birthday pop up card. You’re sure to score extra points if you personalize it to look like one of their Birthdays!

Instructions: This pop up card is a little different than the others. Instead of cutting slits in the construction paper, you will fold each of the pieces along the black dotted lines.

  1. Glue the tail-side to the back of the birthday 3d card
    and secure the feet to the bottom of the card.
  2. Glue the folded white section on one side of the rectangle. Attach to the the back side of the card overlapping with the back legs.
  3. Glue the front legs to the other side of the rectangle and attach the front feet to the bottom of the card.
  4. Glue on the head, and your puppy or kitten card is complete!

Message Ideas

  • You’re the best birthday pop up card around!
  • Tonight we’re going to raise the woof! Happy birthday!
  • How’d I find such a pawsome friend like you?
  • You’re purrfect in every way.
  • I woof you a lot.
  • Not feline well? I’m here for you.

Printable Pop Up Card Decorations

If you need a few more elements to take your pop up card to the next level, these decorations are sure to help! We’ve included word bubbles, banners and other designs to decorate both the front and inside of your card.

Now that you know how to make pop up cards, who will you make one for first? With Mother’s Day coming up, it may be the perfect way to show mom you put a little extra effort into her https://www.favorpop.com this year. After all, she deserves it!