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Reporting Sexual Misconduct

  • Never shower, eat or drink, go directly to the restroom, clean your teeth, douche, or improve your clothing, regardless of how dirty or violating it may make us feel. These tasks destroy crucial evidence that is physical the big event you choose to prosecute the one who assaulted you. But, if you fail to avoid urinating before seeking assistance, urinate in to a clean cup container. Them(including undergarments) in a brown PAPER bag if you must change your clothes before seeking help, place. Putting clothing or all the other feasible items of proof in a bag that is plastic chemically make them worthless during proof collection procedures.
  • Get attention that is medical. You have concealed accidents and might desire to explore options for preventing pregnancy or diseases that are sexually transmitted. The choice to go through a intimate attack medical exam at any hospital is frequently done by way of a specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) into the state of Minnesota. The exam is free, federally insured by the Crime Victims Fund of Minnesota. Additionally, the choice to finish such exam does maybe maybe not hinge upon the instant reporting associated with intimate attack to police force. The data is going to be sealed and frozen right after finishing the task, and may be kept in just a facility that is medical as much as a couple of months after being gathered. Of these a couple of months, it may possibly be utilized whenever as admissible proof in case a victim/survivor seems she wants to report their experience to law enforcement that he or.
  • Jot down exactly what you keep in mind taking place, with since detail that is much feasible.Continue reading