5 Ways Its Difficult to Find A London Quality Suit in Dubai

5 Ways Its Difficult to Find A London Quality Suit in Dubai

#1: Saville Row is just too far, sure we all go to London or Milan a lot from Dubai, but when it comes to the initial measurements and subsequent fitting, we’d rather enjoy an exquisite dinner with those close friends or business partners you came to London to meet  (Scheduling and distance for multiple fittings)

#2: Most Luxury Tailors in Dubai still lack true competence and thought leadership.  While there are many standard tailors in Dubai who can get you a suit, they lack access to the knowledge of classic European suit making and the latest trends.

#3: Getting tailoring from Zegna is super expensive and lacks personalized service and forthright fashion advice from turly competent sales associates

#4: Choosing the right fabric is a headache if you are not an expert, a proper tailor can give you the correct choices of quality fabrics to meet your budget and maintain the quality of the suit

#5: Luxury brands do not make the most valuable bespoke suits. Sure, Luxury brands like Armani are everywhere in Dubai — and you can get a suit from them, but little do you know that the fabric quality is never the best, the fitting is rarely optimal and the price is outrageous

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